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See how IoT transforms every business.

The Internet of Things links together networks, devices, and data. It helps you learn more about every level of your business. With a billion-plus smart devices connected worldwide, the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the way businesses operate—in a good way.

Machines like vehicles, appliances, cameras, alarms and more can be upgraded to be more aware of what’s happening in and around them. These machines are sharing information autonomously—actionable data that helps you respond quickly, become more productive or improving physical or human life safety. Our IoT solutions help you build connections so you can act on this data.

To build your IoT solution successfully you need agile products, services, and networks that enable you to gain real-time insights about the things your company values most. Now you can act on data collected in a single location or around the world to transform your organization, helping create faster, more reliable operations and better business results.

Networks for the Internet of Things

In the Internet of Things, nothing is more important than the breadth, depth, and reach of your network. Our IoT devices can help you extend and enhance the quality and quantity of data you have about your business, network, resources and critical supplies or staff.

Depending on your goals and objectives we can highlight various options for using IoT to grow your company’s capabilities and knowledge beyond traditional hardwired network points.


As billions of devices become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), security enables their safe and reliable operation. At SCI, we’re committed to helping protect our customers’ businesses and reducing risks by applying security expertise to every solution we build. Our layered security approach for IoT is designed to protect the device, network, and data, and it supports threat management requirements and industry compliance standards.

Our devices are manufactured and assembled here in US and our firmware is specifically designed to embed security into every aspect of the device and its gathering and delivery of data from its sensors to your network.

Asset and Staff- Tracking and Reporting with IoT

Knowing where your high-value assets are and what they’re doing can help your business become more efficient. Our Asset Tracking and Management IoT solutions let you do just that.

These solutions show you the exact location of each employee, device and machine in the field, giving you greater visibility into your business operations. Track current job status and activity, so you can move people and equipment to where they’re most needed.

IoT Technology and services

Not sure where to start? Our dedicated team offers a vast array of services. From project design to help you determine which devices and objects need to be connected, to providing recommendations for the platforms you need to get the best information out of those devices.

Our staff can ensure your company's smooth transition into the Internet of Things arena is as valuable as the time you invest in growing your business into the future.

Monitoring and Management

IoT solutions and connected machines make it easier to collect actionable data about your entire operation, helping you improve processes and efficiency. With our Smart-Monitoring and Management solution, you can wirelessly connect devices, sensors and systems wherever they’re located.

This helps increase performance and security. Gather important information about the status and condition of each device, so you have a better idea of what’s happening and where. Now you no longer need to physically send employees to check on a device or to turn it on or off.

You save time and control expenses by being able to manage these devices remotely. Monitor transmission pipes, cable lines, heavy machinery stored remotely or track valuable tools or parts for drop impacts that could compromise integrity even when your staff is home asleep.

Building and Developing for the Internet ofThings (IoT)

For the enterprise or organization, Proximity Technologies’ secure device integration provides state of the art secured analytics data transmitted from our PROXiMITTER® devices. Unlike many of our competitors we do not force you into an IoT device platform only controlled by us to manage your devices or supply content and perform your data analytics.

Our intent is to ensure we sell IoT devices that will live and grow and evolve with your business needs. That is why we directly integrate almost all of our devices sold into your existing Asset or BI Analytics platforms instead of cloud based services offered by us.

Don’t have an existing investment or management platform already? No problem we are happy to listen to your business needs and help recommend which industry platforms or services best fit your company goals, saving you time and effort in searching, based on our existing business knowledge and at no additional cost.

Sense for Wi-Fi tracking today and ask us for a firmware change later to switch your sensor to BLE sense down the road it is that simple.

Want to implement something truly revolutionary? Our team is always willing to partner with companies on cutting edge sensor designs and implementations just bring us your wish list and we will figure out together how to make it happen.

Need an outstanding app to reach your staff or customers that works with IoT?

We have worked with numerous firms and know who has built the best IoT mobile applications that changed the customer experience or how they do business in amazing ways. We are happy to make any referral you need to take your business into the IoT space and make that project the best investment in IT you can imagine.

Give our Proximity team a call today and find out how we can enable your business IoT plans to the next level.