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The latin phrase SUBROSA® means “under the rose” and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality.*

Semantically Meaningful Key Generation Eliminates Memorization Problems

SUBROSA® users choose unique data resources to generate their keys and establish a personal interaction pattern with the resource. This relationship is intuitive and easily memorized, but not readily shared or stolen.

SUBROSA® Idiomatic Recognition™ technology mitigates the risks attendant to conventional, password based, knowledge factor authentication. The SUBROSA product suite combines Idiomatic Recognition™ knowledge factor authentication with a configurable combination of possession, human inherence, machine inherence and location authentication factors to provide unique, Five Factor Authentication™ security.

Product Definition

Eliminate Vulnerabilities Associated with Password Based Authentication On a typical day, users access 25 password protected networks, applications or sites. It’s a losing battle: Either create different, complex passwords that are difficult to remember for each account (leading to insecure password storage) or use a few simple passwords across many accounts, increasing the risk of a single stolen or broken password resulting in multiple breaches. Social engineering and phishing attacks compound the problem. These vulnerabilities exist because of the basic characteristics of passwords as human-readable shared knowledge.

Secure Channels’ SUBROSA™ is an advanced authentication and access control capability that enables enterprises and consumers to overcome the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with passwords while extending the multifactor authentication paradigm to include possession, human inherence (biometrics), machine identity and location. Incorporating unique Idiomatic Recognition™ knowledge factor technology, SUBROSA™ minimizes memorization challenges that result in insecure password storage and defeats password cracking, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing attacks.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities Associated with Password Based Authentication

Secure Channels’ SUBROSA™ Idiomatic Recognition™ technology eliminates password vulnerabilities by breaking the knowledge chain between user and resource. Using Secure Channels’ Idiomatic Recognition™ technology, SUBROSA™ enables the creation of long, unique, extremely complex cryptographic keys that are not human-readable and can only be reproduced through a combination of unique data resources and semantics that are easy to remember, rapid to use and integrate into any application, operating system or device requiring user authentication. SUBROSA™ knowledge-factor authentication all but eliminates vulnerabilities to brute force attacks, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing.

Use Case

SUBROSA® solves this challenge by decoupling users and keys. SUBROSA® creates long, extremely complex, non-human readable cryptographic keys that can only be reproduced through a combination of unique data resources and semantics. SUBROSA® authentication routines are easily memorized and support any environment requiring password authentication. SUBROSA® all but eliminates vulnerabilities to brute force attacks, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing. Additionally, SUBROSA® seamlessly integrates with other authentication factors (e.g., tokens, biometrics, geolocation, etc.) as well as enterprise identity management and single sign on mechanisms.

Five Factor Authentication™ Enables Who, What and Where Access Control

SUBROSA™ supports true multifactor authentication (MFA), enabling accounts to be protected with a knowledge factor credential and any combination of possession, human inherence (biometric), machine inherence and location factors. - Possession Factor Authentication (Who) SUBROSA™ supports possession factor authentication using: ▪ Google Authenticator soft token and Time-based One Time Password ▪ YubiKey hard token and YubiKey One Time Password - Human Inherence (Biometric) Factor Authentication (Who) SUBROSA™ supports human inherence factor authentication using: ▪ Fingerprints (either Windows Hello or SUBROSA™ native) ▪ Facial recognition (either Windows Hello or SUBROSA™ native) ▪ Voice (SUBROSA™ native) ▪ Iris scan (Windows Hello) - Machine Inherence Factor Authentication (What) Ensure that only vetted and authorized devices can be used to access protected user accounts. - Location Factor Authentication (Where) Works in conjunction with Secure Channels’ PROXiMITTER™ multifunction proximity devices (MFD) to ensure that protected user accounts can only be accessed from approved locations. SUBROSA™ can be configured to ensure that access to protected accounts is only granted in the office, the home or any other specified location.