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Proximity Technologies Defined

  • Proximity-based information leverages the ubiquity of mobile computing devices to support your mission and business intelligence needs. It presents a broad spectrum of applicability, limited only by your imagination. Supported use cases include passive surveillance, logistics support and location-based authentication and authorization.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act:

  • Proximity-based technology supports many use cases. Current wireless communication standards are integrated, enabling solutions to specific operational to be developed, scaled and deployed rapidly and cost-effectively. And since MFDs interact with mobile devices either via an application installed by the device owner/user or by passively collecting data emitted by the device (e.g., wireless probe requests), these solutions avoid conflicts with privacy laws and regulations.
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  • Proximity technology solutions are powered by Multi-Function Devices (MFD) capable of communicating via Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and RFID. These MFDs operate in multiple modes, as one-way emitters, passive data collectors, or bidirectionally, emitting and collecting data. Custom applications can be developed to work with MFDs, performing specified actions based on operational need. Collected data is either transmitted to aggregation and analytics platforms in real-time, or is stored onboard for asynchronous analysis.