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ParaDoxBox™ protects data on endpoints, network storage and Cloud locations. Incorporating superencipherment technology, ParaDoxBox™ offers enhanced security that is compliant with FIPS 140-2.

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ParaDoxBox™ Endpoint

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  • One Tool for All Your Data Protection Needs ParaDoxBox™ enables users to 1) protect endpoints by creating encrypted virtual containers or encrypting entire drives, 2) encrypt network storage spaces and, 3) protect data saved in public file share services. ParaDoxBox’s Superencipherment Engine improves the security of your critical data and extends the useful life of current encryption algorithms through a patented use of layering and segmentation encryption techniques. These significantly enhance the security strength available through standard algorithms.

Choose Your Own Encryption: Single Algorithm or Superencipherment

  • ParaDoxBox™ users can choose between encryption algorithms such as AES, 3DES, Serpent, Twofish and more. Ensure FIPS 140-2 compliance, or conversely or specify the use of non-NIST algorithms. In an era where significant breakthroughs are being made in cryptanalysis of AES, additional protection for critical data is necessary. Superencipherment provides increased security through on-demand layered and segmented encryption.

Personalized Security

  • Authentication that Eliminates Password Vulnerabilities Idiomatic Recognition™ authentication technology creates long, non-human readable, complex passkeys that require a unique combination of data resources and semantics. This mitigates risks from brute force attacks, social engineering and phishing.

Use Case

  • ParaDoxBox™ creates encrypted virtual containers on endpoints, networks or in the Cloud, providing protection levels that meet or exceed industry and national standards. It is transparent once deployed, requiring no specialized training. Users select the encryption algorithms and the standards with which to comply (e.g., FIPS 140-2 Annex A). ParaDoxBox™ also supports superencipherment, layering and combining multiple encryption algorithms while (optionally) remaining FIPS compliant as well as Idiomatic Recognition™ authentication technology. Even if the network is breached, ParaDoxBox™ ensures that your data is safe.
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  • ParaDoxBox for Mobile and ParaDoxBox Cloud