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EXCLUSIVE OR TRANSIENT INTEGRATED CIPHER A revolutionary, hyper-fast and highly secure encryption system for all data masses



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  • XOTIC™ - The XOTIC cryptographic algorithm uses the fastest (simplest) form of cryptography known. Complete security comes from using one of the most resistant key arrangements known. Deterministic Sequence Generators (DSG) are used to instance objects of variable size and numbers which extends encryption beyond AES-256 security. Further, the algorithms use of the DSG vectors can be bounded for easy transfer to silicon. Together with our block cipher nature, this can be offered up in PC trusted platform models (TPM) or implemented with a minimal shift register count for instantaneous zero wattage cryptography (ZWAC) necessary for IoT. We have libraries for ZigBee, OpenZB and LinuxWPAN or any upcoming versions of 802.15.4. (However, we recommend waiting for our own XOTIC-Blue which will reduce computational requirements by 10**2 and memory requirements by 10**4.)

Example XOTIC™ Use Case

  • XOTIC™ can be easily moved into more elaborate silicon supporting concurrency across PCIe cards for data center interconnects at 500Gb/s with very low latency. Also, it is fitted to Qualcomm’s SOMs for another important implementation of ZWAC. It can also be used with many existing SOMs such as SecureMSM and its Studio Access circuitry.