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Dr. Thomas Fryer
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Chief Technology Officer, Secure Channels Inc.
Thomas Fryer served nearly 14 years in the USAF and is a veteran of the Gulf War. In the USAF Tom was a systems engineer involved in the deployment, operations, and expansion of several classified programs. Some of the programs included Global Positioning System (GPS), Defense Satellite Program (DSP), Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) Radars, Joint Surveillance Systems (JSS) and other classified multi-billion dollar defense systems. Additionally, he also worked for Raytheon at a Pave Paws facility as a system engineer. Tom has senior executive experience as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) managing large-scale technology operations for the government and private sector. His technology experience includes large scale operations consisting of big data transactional systems linked across a global network of data centers. Additionally, Tom has experiencing developing and revising the architecture for new (and existing) products from vision to commercial success as well as transitioning and updating legacy systems. His technology and business acumen coupled with the depth and breadth of his leadership experience, Tom brings a unique perspective to evaluating the competitive landscape and developing innovative business strategies that increase market share and sales revenue. Tom sees his versatility and breadth of cross-functional knowledge as a competitive advantage, one that compliments the core competencies of the organization with ample opportunities to create new value. In his spare time Tom can be found teaching graduate engineering courses at UCR and volunteering his time reading to the hearing impaired. Dr. Fryer is also certified in Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Critical Chain Project Management and holds multiple U.S. patents in software security and software development processes. Tom is currently working on multiple new patents in the field of security and Dr. Fryer earned an Electronics Engineering degree from the USAF, a BBA and MBA in Management from Angelo State University (Texas Tech), and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Canterbury. He also studied Law at Loyola Law School before regaining his senses and returning to technology.