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Richard Blech
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Chief Executive Officer, Secure Channels Inc.

Richard Blech is an entrepreneur, investor and innovator. His primary business focus is on data security, technology and strategic alliances. As managing member of Imperium Management LLC, Richard actively invests in technologically advanced ventures. He has a discerning ability to determine market trends that are not only lucrative, but also pave the way to technological advancement across the globe.

Background - Born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California, Richard Blech achieved his formal education in Switzerland when he completed a BA degree in Business Administration at the Business School Lausanne in 1994. Before launching his first entrepreneurial venture, Richard gained invaluable experience in business administration and management in the United States and Europe. Richard settled on the European mainland where he lived for 20 years before returning to California nearby his offices in Irvine.

Current Ventures - As a resolute advocate of disruptive technology, Richard Blech holds vested interests in cyber-defense and digital content. With cyber-crime breaches now reaching epidemic proportions, Richard’s objective is to turn the ever evolving digital world into a risk adverse space that allows everyone to function securely within their ecosystems. As CEO of Secure Channels, Inc., Richard is leading the the company to be a leader in enterprise data protection through the development of innovative encryption and authentication based technology solutions.